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Eddi Reader


First released: 21/12/2006

Track Listing:

  1. Baron’s Heir and Sadenia’s Air
  2. [mp3j track=”Muddy-Water.mp3″ caption=”Listen”]
  3. Mary and the Soldier
  4. Aye Waukin-O
  5. Prisons
  6. The Shepherd’s Song
  7. Ye Banks and Braes O’ Bonnie Doon
  8. Should I Pray?
  9. The Afton
  10. [mp3j track=”Leezie-Lindsay.mp3″ caption=”Listen”]
  11. Safe As Houses
  12. [mp3j track=”Galileo-Someone-Like-You.mp3″ caption=”Listen”]
  13. [mp3j track=”Peacetime.mp3″ caption=”Listen”]